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Theme-based clinics


Intermediates and advanced - Aérien

Air module

Description :  Jumps and drops are without a doubt the most enjoyable techniques to master. Whether it’s a natural obstacle on a trail or a jump or drop on a flow trail, the technique is the same. This allows for a more playful and dynamic style to express yourself on the trail.

Lesson format : In this intermediate/advanced clinic, we will learn and practice (when possible) in a bike park. We learn passive and active pressure in a safe environment and then learn the basics of a jump and a break. As you progress, more advanced obstacles will follow.

Concepts :  You will have the opportunity to break down the maneuvers leading to a bunnyhop. You will then be able to apply these maneuvers in jumps and drops. After successfully rolling modules, you will gradually be able to take air. This is where the fun starts !

Coach:  Your coach will be certified level II air or trail module and first aid 20h or 40h in remote area.

Terrain air:  The progressive bike parks at Mont Oak and Ski Bromont, the Sauce piquante at Sentiers du Moulin, the Tablerone and Godzilla at Vallée Bras du Nord, the jump line at E47.

Dates and locations

Tous les vendredis, 17 juin au 26 aout 2022, 13h00 à 15h30

Vallée Bras du Nord, Secteur Roquemont