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cours de vélo de montagne enduro de niveau avancé
  • You can comfortably ride advanced (black) trails and roll / jump intermediate (blue) 3+ feet roll-downs and drops
  • You can also ride a few very advanced (double black) trails
  • You wish to progress towards advanced technical (black) jumps and drops, or progress towards harder very advanced (double black) trails and slabs
  • You have already taken the intermediate riding course / intermediate cornering / air, OR you have solid fundamentals in position, mobility, can control your speed in challenging trails and ride steep terrain
  • You feel that your progression is stagnating and you wish to learn how to ride advanced / scarier terrain in safety and control.
  • You answered YES to most of these questions? This clinic is for you. If you are unsure and have any questions, please contact us!

    Steeps and slabs

    This clinic will allow you to fine tune your riding on demanding and technical trails. Steep trails and corners? We will dissect trail features in order to work on skill development and apply the golden rule : Pre-ride, ride, freeride! Consolidation and application of refined riding skills. We will overview the complete skill pyramid, then work in depth on a specific skill. What is your challenge? We will help you achieve it!

    Lesson format : Small group clinics. Coaching ratios are optimised in order to give you a personalized service. Group clinics are an excellent way to learn from your peers and benefit from the rider’s energies! We do everything possible to help you progress to a higher level, in a safe environment.

    Coach : Your coach will be certified level II with air or trail module and first aid 20h or 40h in remote area.

    Terrain: 7-20-25 at Ski Bromont, Chaton and Litière at P7 Bromont, Maelstrom sector and LB’s at Sentiers du Moulin, Tordue in Mont Sainte-Anne