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  • You have no or few prior experience in mountain biking
  • You have some apprehensions or you have had bad experiences
  • You would like to feel in control, safe and independent
  • You have never done a course before
  • You answered YES to all these questions? This clinic is for you. If you are unsure and have any questions, please contact us!

    Starting on the right note

    This clinic will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of mountain biking: shifting, braking and positioning. In a safe and pressure-free environment, you will be introduced to the world of mountain biking.

    Lesson format : You will love group lessons! The experience and energy of the group will allow you to practice all the technical concepts, at your own pace.

    Coach : Your coach will have a level I certification or higher and 20-hour first aid training in remote areas.

    Terrain : We will start in a wide, grassy field, then progress to wide trails as well as some mellow singletrack trails.