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  • You can comfortably ride intermediate (blue) trails
  • You can also ride some advanced (black) trails
  • You wish to progress towards intermediate jumps and drops, or progress towards harder advanced (black) trails
  • You have already taken the intermediate riding course, OR you have solid fundamentals in position, mobility and braking
  • You feel that your progression is stagnating and that you feel yourself slowing down in corners
  • You answered YES to most of these questions? This clinic is for you. If you are unsure and have any questions, please contact us!

    Master berms and corners

    Cornering, an elusive skills for many cyclists, will no longer be a secret! You want to hone your skills to control flat and banked turns? This is for you! We will help you consolidate the fundamentals of positioning and mobility, gradually adding angulation and rotation. This will allow you to maintain your trajectory in a trail and have the opportunity to make a quick directional changes, with smoothness and flow! What could be more enjoyable than entering a turn with stability and exiting with speed!

    Lesson Format : Intermediate to advanced level clinic in small groups. After breaking down the essentials of a isolated corner in detail, we focus on millage and guided practice.

    Coach:  Your coach will be certified level I or II and first aid 20h or 40h in remote areas.

    Terrain: Cassonade and Yak Attack at Mont Oak, Farfadet in Bromont, Super G and Slab City at Sentiers du Moulin, Basilic at Le Massif