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  • You can comfortably ride intermediate (blue) trails
  • You can also ride some advanced (black) trails
  • You wish to progress towards intermediate jumps and drops, or progress towards harder advanced (black) trails
  • You have already taken a course on the fundamentals of mountain biking
  • You have been practicing mountain biking for one or two seasons and ride regularly
  • You feel that your progression is stagnating and that you are not always in control

You answered YES to most of these questions? This clinic is for you. If you are unsure and have any questions, please contact us!

Progress from beginner to intermediate

This clinic will allow you to continue your progression towards mastering more technical trails. We place a great emphasis here on stability through a strong position and amplitude of movement to acquire smoothness and flow. What could be more enjoyable than starting a turn with stability and coming out of it with speed? Or progressing towards black diamond trails.

Lesson format: Intermediate-level clinic in small groups. We focus on mileage and guided practice. No more big theoretical lectures, let’s ride!

Coach: Your coach will be level I or II certified and have 20-hour or 40-hour first aid training in remote areas.

Terrain: Aphrodisiac in Mont Oak, Hummus in Bromont, the Super G at Sentiers du Moulin, la Basilic at Le Massif.