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Alexandre Nadeau – PMBIA I – Sentiers du Moulin

Sentiers du Moulin / Le Massif

Coach presentation


20 ans d’expérience sur 2 roues! Le vélo et les jumps, ça a toujours été dans mon sang. 10 ans d’expérience en motocross de compétition tout en s’entraînant sur la pumptrack et sur la route. Ça fait maintenant 6 ans que je me consacre au vélo enduro et à la pumptrack pendant l’été. Pendant l’hiver, je reste très actif en combinant le vélo de montagne au ski alpin grâce au SNOGO.


4 ans d’expérience comme instructeur-guide SNOGO
Niveau I PMBIA (niveau II en cours)

Coaching philosophy

Avoir du fun en se surpassant, tout en respectant ses limites!
L’importance de se connaître et de prendre les bonnes décisions.

Techniques de bases en Enduro, Descente et Pumptrack: Positionnement, virages, drops, sauts, lecture du terrain et choix de lignes.

A session with me will provide you with

Vous pourrez vous perfectionner rapidement selon vos objectifs personnels. Nous travaillerons les bases pour permettre une progression et du plaisir pendant longtemps!

Private Lessons

299$ per person + 99$ per additional person

Please select the number of participants when booking
  • Courses are fully adapted to your needs and skill level
  • Available at your desired trail center
  • Your meeting point is always located in front of ticketing
  • Your coach will be wearing a black coach Bikeskills jersey

Please be 15 minutes early so we can meet and greet you

Trail access not included

Private clinic schedule

Please meet your coach and be ready 15 minutes before the start of the session

15 minutes : Welcome – Introduction – Bike and equipment check

20 minutes : Warm-up ride and skill assesment

45 minutes : Learning technical skills

60 minutes : Technical skills practice and guided ride

10 minutes Feedback and exercices to practice before your next coaching session

What to bring ?

  • Knee protectors mandatory
  • Long gloves and elbow protection recommended
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Sportswear adapted to the weather conditions
  • Flat-soled shoes (Vans type) or mountain bike shoes
  • Flat pedals with metal cleats or automatic pedals (clip on) for mountain bikes
  • Hydration (bike bottle) and nutrition (bars)

Planing your day

To protect yourself from minor scrapes and injuries, Bikeskills recommends that you ALWAYS wear knee protection. Gloves, eyewear / goggles and elbow protection are also recommended, but not mandatory. Of course, a helmet is always essential, ideally a mountain bike specific helmet. A full-face helmet and chest protector for advanced and/or lift courses is also recommended, but not mandatory.

As the class will be held outdoors and we might not have access to indoor facilities, it is recommended that you check the mountain weather forecast and plan accordingly, as weather can change rapidly. It is recommended that each member of the group bring snacks and water to ensure they have enough energy to enjoy the class.

Bikeskills policies

  • No refunds, except for major exceptions, at Bikeskills’s discretion
  • Bikeskills lessons are not cancelled in case of rain.
  • A lesson may be rescheduled if the site is closed.
  • Bikeskills is not responsible for the shutdown or closure of a lift or gondola. An alternative will be offered to the client, which may require pedalling towards a trail.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Are you satisfied with your lesson? Did you get 5 star service? Here’s how you can help our small business grow! If it’s not 4+ stars, please fill out the satisfaction document so we can address the situation internally.

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