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Why you need to have a bike lesson with a certified coach

Now that you have your shiny new bike, what are the next logical steps. Well, you just paid for a race car, now is the time to learn how to drive it! There are several advantages to hire a certified coach: you will learn, progress and develop skills that are going to allow you to maximise the performance of your bike. We all want to tackle the next challenge, you will be able to do so in a safe and controled environement. The lessons you will learn will follow you throughout your whole cycling life, the skills you develop as a beginer are the same you are going to use as an expert rider, exept this time you will use your skills in a much more challenging, exposed trail. Having a certified coach, who knows the skills progression and who is able to expertly guide you through the process will ultimatly save you time, bruises, and money. Are you tired of crashing, of not feeling confident on your bike, of repeating the same mistakes, even of braking bike parts? That’s why where are here, to help you go faster, become fitter, with more control, more fun, in a secure setting.

Throughout the years, I have seen my fare share of riders. Beginers are lots of fun to work with, as they are blank canvases, very modelable. Teach a beginer the proper body position on a bike, and he will use it for the rest of his/her life. As we grow into the process of becoming an intermediate and an expert, things get interesting. The longer in the process you are invested, the more you have solidified your riding style and technique. If you have gone for years on end, without proper coaching, guess what? You will have solidified the same mistakes, over and over again. Need an example? If you have developed the habit of pulling up on the handlebars when attempting a drop – a motion that is highly unadvisable! – you will have to remediate this reflex, break the natural tendency to produce the same old pattern, and develop new pathways of muscle memory. By doing so, you will be able to replace the old reflex of pulling up by the smooth technique of propeling the bike forward in a riding situation, and even in a challenging, stressful (…oh my god this drop is so big!) setting.

What about the “eternal intermediate” rider, the one who has reached a performance plateau and cannot seem to improve, no matter what. A certified coach will be able, with his expert eye, to provide guidance, feedback and exercices in order to break this glass ceiling and keep progressing. Often times, the answer is not necessarly in the trail riding aspects, but in the drills, what we do to prepare for our trail ride. Those who are serious about improving have done their homework, the formula is pretty simple actually. I’ll give you a little secret on how to improve… Ready? Spend 15 minutes, 3 times per week, on a flat grass surface, practicing your weaknesses. Now that I told you the secret, will you have the discipline to apply it? Or simply put, just arrive a little before your trail ride and practice flatland drills, it will greatly improve your riding technique. Cornering drills, breaking drills, bunny-hops, wheelies, manuals, stoppies, slow tight turns, turning endos… The possibilities are endless, really. We are there to help you find the drills and practice them in a safe setting, so you can then practice them at home, or before your club ride.

New for this year will be virtual coaching. This is an extremely powerful tool as it can allow you to have access to all the tips and drills used duriung your lesson, allowing you to progress at your rythm. Forgot a key word we have said concerning positioning? Need an additional drill to expand on your cornering technique? It will all be in there. There will be an added advantage to ask questions directly, and to submit simple phone videos to us so we can provide feedback and corrections. It will be pretty neat, coming to you this fall!

So there you have it. Taking a lessons will allow you to progress at a higher rate than your buddies, and that’s all that counts, really! Seriously, there are lots of “trailside tips” that you will hear, lots of incomplete information you will youtube, which you will find are really just clickbait information to make money off of views, and not necessarly about providing complete content that relates to you. We have heard, I am sorry to say, lots of stupidities about how to ride a bike, a good tip given to you by a dude bro on the site of the trail. Yes, you can just “let go of the brakes” and “put your weight back on descents”, “compress the suspension and pull up on the handlebars ” and my personnal favorite “squeeze your saddle for more stability”. Or you can come to us, we will gratefuly and humbly steer you in the right direction.

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