Based in Bromont. Courses can be given in Quebec, ON, NB/NS, BC

Trail advanced/refinement Group lessons

Trail advanced/refinement Group lessons


A group riding session, for advanced and refinement stage riders.  Steeps, drops, jumps…  learn how to ride these confidently! 

Rain or shine, we will adapt to the temperature

TRAIL lesson:  advanced and critical terrain.  Blacks, double blacks 

Advanced;  riders who have strong mountain biking skills, who want to start riding blacks, double black features.  

Curriculum: Advanced cycling skills, advanced body positioning (riding, climbing, descending), advanced operational control (breaking, shifting gears, pedalling), advanced cornering and cutties, manuals, wheelies, bunny-hops on obstacles (roots and rocks)

Mostly blacks, some double blacks.  Special requests welcome!

Terrain choice and features:  maneuvering drills on trails, park like flow trails, climbs and descents will lots of technical challenges.  Confortable riding advanced terrain.

  • Available mostly on weekends, 9 AM to 3 PM with lunch break
  • Groups of 8 participants maximum
  • Duration:  6 hours / lunch included
  • In Bromont or on location at your home mountain
  • For all ages, youth to adults
  • For all abilities, beginners, intermediates and advanced; skill introduction, skill building and skill refinement
  • Terrain choice and trails chosen accordingly with course curriculum and group average ability level
  • In Bromont available at the National Cycling Center and  Mont Oak Sintra for Trail, P7 at the mountain and at the chairlifts for Enduro
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Friday June 7th 2019 – Bromont


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