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Learn, have fun and progress your bike skills

The best instructors are ready to provide cycling lessons accessible to all


Providing exceptional cycling experiences to all, from beginners to expert riders.

Rencontrez la présidente, chef des opérations, Mélanie

Life partner of Ian Hughes, mother of two adorable teenagers and former teacher by trade, Melanie took the plunge with Bikeskills in the spring of 2021. With mountain biking being a part of her life, teaching being one of her strengths and the human contact being so rewarding, everything aligned for the next step with Bikeskills.
Certified PMBIA 2, Melanie loves coaching women of all levels.

More women, more inclusive, more accessible!

In April 2021, she set up the Bikemoms. It is a formula of four to six sessions of progression between girls. First in the spring to get the season off to a good start, in the summer to consolidate skills and in the fall for thematic clinics. The exclamations are always a moment of pleasure and kindness.

Here are 5 good reasons, according to Mélanie, for both morale and self-esteem, to take mountain biking classes with us…the girls.
1- Let yourself be guided
2- Self-esteem
3- Have role models
4- To create a network
5- Fun

You deserve the best coaches, regardless of your prior experience or skill level.

Meet the founder, Ian Hughes

Bikeskills is driven by Ian Hughes, ex-coach for the National Olympic Mountain Bike Team. Ian detains the highest coaching certifications in Canada and has become a reference in technical coaching in Canada.  Our expertise is coach education, providing our clients with professional instructors that are working to the highest industry standard, capable of adapting to your needs.

Our mission

Create exceptional experiences, offering cycling programs that are safe, progressive and inclusive for all levels.  Regardless of your skill level or your prior experience, you deserve the best!   We adapt the lesson to your needs, overcoming the challenges that cycling provides.  We wish to inspire you, to give you the opportunity to excel and to reach your goals, in a safe and controlled environment.

All of our lessons are safe, accessible and fun, giving beginners, intermediates and advanced riders the opportunity to improve their technical bike skills.

Our partnersWe only work with the best brands, to give you our best!

Want to join our team? Are you passionate about coaching?By joining Bikeskills, not only will you have an opportunity to work in the sport you love, but you will also learn and progress as a professional coach. You will become a fully certified, trained and insured coach, joining a passionate and engaged community. You will LEARN, PROGRESS and HAVE FUN with us!