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Riding basics  is often underestimated. A stable, centered and strong position will allow you to ride with confidence.


Body-bike separation  will allow you to adapt to the terrain. Your range of motion is present in all four planes: vertical, horizontal, lateral and rotational.

Braking and gear selection

Operation of controls  will increase your ease on the trails. Precise braking and shifting will allow you to be more efficient.


Field of vision  will allow you to optimize your trail reading, whether to choose the right line or to anticipate a crucial obstacle. You will gain in fluidity, in flow!


Angulation and rotation are the two essential skills that will allow you to make precise and effective directional changes. Turns, the bête noire of many cyclists, are mastered by disassociating the body from the bike on a lateral and rotational level.

Pressure control

Active and passive pressure management  vwill help you improve your flow on the trail. Pumping the terrain allows you to gain speed and absorbing the terrain ensures adaptation to trail obstacles.

Aerial skills and advanced trail riding skills

Manoeuvers, once mastered, will allow you to move to the next level in order to ride well on a trail. Dreaming of getting into the air? Want to tackle a drop with more control and ease? Or do you want to spend more time on the back wheel? It’s possible and it can be taught, in a safe and controlled environment!