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About UsBikeskills's purpose

A little about us…

The interest for cycling has never been so high, especially for the mountain bike discipline. More and more people get into the sport, dealers are making record sales, training facilities are growing everywhere and local clubs operate at full capacity. Everything seems to be perfect on paper, but many urgent matters need to be addressed.

The lack of technical knowledge from new riders can’t be compensated with the very few qualified technical coaches available, and the absence of safety standards framing beginners’ activities favors risky behavior in trails.

In the last few years, we’ve seen many of the sport’s newcomers heading into propers mountain bike trails with very limited preparation, which puts high pressure on mountain bike resorts and riders. The results are an increased number of accidents, sometimes resulting in substantial injuries. Those accidents darken the image of the sport, apart from the injuries themselves.

How can we make mountain bike a more accessible sport to anyone who wishes to try in a safe environment?

OUR MISSION : Make cycling more accessible, safer, progressive and fun.

OUR VISION :  Structure cycling activities, teach and coach, contribute to training and certification of future technical coaches, implement programs, join forces in trail building and bike parks construction.  Bikeskills is a leading initiative for a positive and safe development of cycling within the Quebec province.

Bikeskills’s purpose

The company is an initiative of passionate coach and mountain biker Ian Hugues, who has 20 years of experience working with up and coming athletes of the canadian mountain bike olympic team.

Registered as a business since 2016, Bikeskills began by teaching mountain bike technical abilities. The company is still growing and now offers a web portal regrouping more than 30 certified coaches around Quebec.

All services offered help to put a more structured environment surrounding cycling:

  • Private or group lessons
  • Online courses – Tutorials
  • Coach training and certification
  • Consulting and program implementation


Give Access : Make cycling accessible to anyone, promote cycling near urban areas and get more people into an everyday outdoor lifestyle.

Educate: Increase the cyclist’s technical knowledge. Mastering the fundamentals of a cycling discipline is essential at every level.

Inspire: Make people appreciate their unique and exceptional outdoor experience. Transmitting passion for cycling travel.

Be Inclusive: Give the opportunity to discover a unique, accessible sport to young families and beginners of every age.

We are specialized in teaching cycling’s technical abilities and offer structured services all around Quebec. All professionals present on the platform are trained and certified instructors. We all follow the same procedures in terms of riding progression and the same operational protocols when it comes to injury prevention and risk management.

Cycling is a teachable sport that can be accessible to all!

Making coaching a professional job is very important to us. With Bikeskills, we offer coaching training, certification and also mentoring services for cycling instructors.

This structure allows coaches to offer a standard coaching service. Continuously training our instructors allows for better group coaching procedures. Coaching is a job and we provide professionals the opportunity they need to live from their passion.

Mountain bike’s popularity is rising. We focus on developing knowledge and abilities that are essential to make this sport safer. We elaborate strategies based on structure, instruction, progression and user safety.

With those initiatives, a training facility or a municipality can develop a peripheral service offering that implements programs adapted to the area’s specific needs.


Bikeskills offers consulting services to help implement mountain bike programs and structured coaching.

We must encourage the creation of new training facilities to make mountain bike accessible to all. Here are a few examples of services we provide:

  • Initiation programs (ini-bike)
  • Private and group lessons via Bikeskills
  • Bike School
  • Youth programs: camps, courses and club
  • Community programs

Those measures aim to stimulate cycling accessibility in city, parks and wooded areas as well as in renowned training facilities and trails.

“Cycling is a teachable sport that can be accessible to all!”