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Affiliate your bikeshop with us!You wish to offer private lessons and group experiences at your bike shop? You wish to educate your staff, increase their knowledge and credibility, to give them an on-bike experience? It is possible with Bikeskills!

Business opportunity with dealersTo grow our clientele, Bikeskills has created an affiliate program with selected dealers.

  • Dealers will have the opportunity to offer coaching services through Bikeskills, creating a new source of income, turn key program.  These products will be an added value to the consumers.
  • This association will showcase products from selected partners and will allow the consumer to try certain products for a lesson or guided ride.
  • We are leaders with educating consumers with their choice of bicycle, protective gear, equipment and necessary clothing for their riding needs.  We are there to assist the dealers, reinforcing the link with the consumer.  We can positively influence consumer choices.
  • Partners and dealers will be introduced as official suppliers with our institutional, municipal and school board cycling programs, which is another field of our business.  Our overall objective is to popularise the sport of cycling, making it accessible to all.

A knowledge based approach to increase sales

  • Cycling is not an intuitive sport, there is often a sharp learning curve from the consumer standpoint, both on the showroom floor and on the trails.  This is the pain we are striving to solve.
  • We are there to dress this learning curve, making it a smoother arc.  Clients deserve a professional service to experience positive adventures on a bike, regardless of their skill level.
  • There is a great need for education.  Creating a knowledge based system will answer this need, to link the experience from the shop to the trails.  The objective is to accompany the client on their path.
  • Clinics are an excellent way to showcase products from partners and dealers.
  • Bikeskills is creating strategic alliances with partners and we are standing by their products, they are tested by us an ridden daily in our everyday practice.  We are exemplary ambassadors and we are approaching this role with a high level of professionalism.
  • Clinics will be available on different subjects:  Trail etiquette, bike fit and positioning, suspension set-up, choosing the right protective gear, accessories and clothing pertaining to the client’s needs.
  • We strongly believe in education and teaching.  It is what differentiates us.  Long gone are the days of “selling and closing a client”.  We use knowledge as a way to make smarter buying choices in a responsible way.

Bikeskills in numbersIn operation since 2009, more than 2000 participants have registered through our programs. 2019 marks the first year as a full-time operation, and the numbers have grown exponentially, smashing the objectives: 500 clients have been trained in private lessons, group experiences and coach education clinics. For 2020, the business will keep growing with an increased coaching roster to meet the demand for all regions. We have the coaching solution for all your cycling education needs, for youth groups, beginners and expert riders alike. Our niche remains mountain bike technical coaching, but will expand to other cycling disciplines, mainly e-bikes and road / gravel cycling. See you on the trails!