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Skills and fitness level required

Helping you choose your lesson according to your skills and fitness level.

What is a group experience
What can you expect from a group experience?  You will be in a group 6 to 8 participants based on your ability and fitness level.  You will learn all the essential cycling skills, be guided through awesome trails, be challenged to ride features according to your level, but you will also participate in a group experience with like-minded riders who all share that common bound! We put a little extra effort in providing you with the very best atmosphere, cool vibe, a mid-ride lunch, and an apres beer or non alcoolic beverage. It is a pretty awesome day; you will meet cool people and enjoy a really fun time with new friends!

Why ride the chairlift? I don’t even have a downhill bike!
To put it simply, because it is fun! We call them assisted cross-country trail rides. With our modern day trail and enduro bikes, we can easily access all the parts of the mountain, with a little bump up by way of chairlift. It allows you to access terrain at a more rapid rate, with less effort, so you can concentrate your energies to learn and ride.  A 10 minute ride up with the chair will allow you to chat bike stuff with your instructor. We recommend these lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders alike, for both private lessons and group experiences. We do offer trail lessons as well, if you are not into chairlifts, it’s ok, we get it. 

Fitness level
For e-bike or chairlift assisted lessons, fitness is not an issue. If you have the fitness level to ride your bike for a couple of hours, you are set. For trail lessons, here is a little guide to help you decide on your fitness level.

Level 1: I am not very active. I can ride for an hour or two on flat terrain, with little climbing.

Level 2: I am somewhat active, riding sporadically during the season. I can handle a 2 hour ride on ondulating terrain with some elevation gain.

Level 3: I am active and I ride and exercice at least once a week. I can handle a 2 hour ride with some elevation gain and can handle climbing at a easy pace for 15 minutes or more.

Level 4: I am very active. I ride or exercice regularly, multiple times a week. I can handle multiple hours of riding, with lots of climbing and elevation gain.

Level 5: I am fitter than you! I ride, exercice and train on a daily basis. Elevation gain, multiple hours, climbing mountains on a bike don’t phase me. Bring it on!

Skill level

A proper skill level assessment is mandatory to be able to enjoy a good time on the bike. If you still have questions, we can guide you be answering these simple ones: Where do you usually ride? What trails are common for you? What trails or features pose challenges to you? Blue trails Blue Trails are not all created equal, unfortunately. A blue run Blue Trails in the Bromont bike park can as hard as a black Black Trails at the Darling Hills trail system in East Burke, please keep this in mind when choosing your skill level.

Level 1: I can control my speed on green double track trails Green Trails and on low consequence terrain. I would like to learn how to ride blue Blue Trails singletrack trails that have moderate challenges such as rocks and roots.

Level 2: I can control my speed in blue singletrack trails Blue Trails with roots and rocks. I would like to try more challenging blue trails Blue Trails that have steeper sections. I would like to learn proper body positioning, braking and cornering techniques.

Level 3: I ride in challenging blue trails Blue Trails (blacks Black Trails in certain easier trail systems), and would like to build my confidence on black trails Black Trails. I have a good riding base, I would like to learn about body positioning, advanced braking and cornering in challenging terrain.

Level 4: I can ride on challenging black trails Black Trails with speed. I would like to build my confidence and flow on black trails Black Trails with features such as drops or jumps. I would also like to build my confidence in steeper terrain, with advanced body positioning, braking, cornering and pressure control.

Level 5: I can ride in challenging complex terrain. I am confortable on black trails Black Trails, double blacks Double Black Trails are challenging for me. I would like to improve my flow and learn advanced trail riding skills such as positioning in steep terrain, advanced braking, advanced cornering, and features such as drops and jumps.