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An all inclusive cycling program for your municipality or schoolIn partnership with the Bromont National Cycling Center, we are building and implementing a business case for institutions, municipalities and school boards.

Cycling proximity programMaking cycling accessible: a safe, fun and teachable sport.

You wish to offer cycling programs and infrastructures? We offer a turn key proposition to make cycling accessible! Our expertise allows us to successfully implement cycling programs that are tailor made for the various needs.  Our cycling programs are accessibleinclusivesafe and specialized in road safety. We are currently educating the next generation of cyclists, allowing people from urban areas to get a taste of nature. This true key program is offered by trained and certified instructors, with programs adapted to the needs, in collaboration with various experts in trail building and infrastructures.

The objective of the program is to provide a comprehensive package to implement cycling and action sport programs. With our assistance, any city or school will have the necessary tools to offer a very high quality program, that are presently high in demand, given cycling’s popularity.  The gateway to cycling is often BMX and mountain bikes, we can also have a great influence the management of action sports infrastructures such as skateparks.

Our experience was built throughout our field experience during the past 20 years, we have worked with virtually all the clienteles, all the cycling disciplines, at various levels: municipal, provincial, national and institutional.  Our recent mandate with the Montreal Police department (SPVM) was a major 2 year contract, with a successful implementation of a teaching system for 6 instructors and 400 bike police task force.

Creating a comprehensive package to implement cycling programs


  • Instructors will be trained and certified at the National Cycling Center by Bikeskills, with the PMBIA certification.
  • Instructors will be under constant guidance from our program to insure the upmost best quality coaching.
  • With tools and metrics, we will offer instructors a professional system that will allow them to be constantly mentored.

A complete program of activities will be proposed and implemented for institutions, municipalities and school boards, based on their various needs:

  • Active transport (allowing students to safely cycle to school) and road safety
  • Discover cycling day and skills initiation
  • Day camps, cycling specific, 3 to 5 days long
  • Private lessons for youth and adults
  • Group experiences for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Based on specific needs, an infrastructure plan will be proposed and implemented:

  • Teaching modules (wood or aluminium) to develop essential skills and safety.
  • Beginner trails with skill development features.
  • Intermediate to advanced trail network with skills development features, necessary to develop the essential riding skills, thus increasing safety and reducing risk.
  • Pumptracks – both asphalt and dirt – are very popular to develop skills in a safe enclosed area for cycling sports, but also for skateboarding and scooters alike.
  • Signage, insurances and how to manage an infrastructure.

Based on specific needs, purchasing and managing equipment :

  • Bikes
  • Protective gear:  helmets, shoes, knee and elbow protection
  • Accessories: Water bottles and cages, tools, toolkits, hydration packs, first aid

Bikeskills in numbersIn operation since 2009, more than 2000 participants have registered through our programs. 2019 marks the first year as a full-time operation, and the numbers have grown exponentially, smashing the objectives: 500 clients have been trained in private lessons, group experiences and coach education clinics. For 2020, the business will keep growing with an increased coaching roster to meet the demand for all regions. We have the coaching solution for all your cycling education needs, for youth groups, beginners and expert riders alike. Our niche remains mountain bike technical coaching, but will expand to other cycling disciplines, mainly e-bikes and road / gravel cycling. See you on the trails!