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Sentiers du Moulin (Québec) – Cours de vélo de montagne Intermédiaire avec Coach Guillaume – REPRISE DE COURS

Sentiers du Moulin (Québec)

Clinique intermédiaire
Reprise de cours
Felix-Antoine et Jonathan

Progress on our signature mountain bike trails and learn how to maseter technical trails!

We offer you this clinic to develop greater confidence on intermediate trails. You'll make rapid progress with the tools you'll need for more challenging trails.

The QMG is a blue intermediate progression trail easily accessible from the Ravage climb. Developed by the local QMG club, it contains optional challenges providing plenty of learning opportunities. With these tools, depending on the technical abilities of the group, progression can be made to the Basse Super G, then the Super G, offering you plenty of enduro development opportunities.

Intermediate enduro mountain bike clinics

129$ on weekdays / 169$ on weekends

  • Skill level : Intermediate
  • Weekend schedule : 9:30 – 12:00
  • Weekday schedule : 18:00 – 19:45 
  • Location : Sentiers du Moulin (Québec)
  • Meeting point : Devant la Buvette du Moulin (Oriflammes Bikeskills)
  • Your coach : Your coach will be wearing a black coach Bikeskills jersey
  • Please be 5-10 minutes early so we can meet and greet you

Trail access not included

Bikes rental not included

Progress from beginner to intermediate

This clinic will allow you to continue your progression towards mastering more technical trails. We place a great emphasis here on stability through a strong position and amplitude of movement to acquire smoothness and flow. What could be more enjoyable than starting a turn with stability and coming out of it with speed? Or progressing towards black diamond trails.

Lesson format: Intermediate-level clinic in small groups. We focus on mileage and guided practice. No more big theoretical lectures, let’s ride!

Coach: Your coach will be level I or II certified and have 20-hour or 40-hour first aid training in remote areas.

Terrain:  The course will begin with a fitness and skills assessment, followed by teaching fundamental intermediate skills.  The ride starts with a non-technical climb in La Ravage, which will lead you to Summit 1.  The QMG is a progressive blue trail that offers opportunities for progression.  The second challenge can lead the group to the Basse Super G, or the upper Super G which is more technical.  

  • You can comfortably ride intermediate (blue) trails
  • You can also ride some advanced (black) trails
  • You wish to progress towards intermediate jumps and drops, or progress towards harder advanced (black) trails
  • You have already taken a course on the fundamentals of mountain biking
  • You have been practicing mountain biking for one or two seasons and ride regularly
  • You feel that your progression is stagnating and that you are not always in control

You answered YES to most of these questions? This clinic is for you. If you are unsure and have any questions, please contact us!

  • Minimum of 3 participants per clinic.
  • Bikeskills reserves the right to reschedule a clinic if the minimum participants is not reached
  • No refunds, except for major exceptions, at Bikeskills’s discretion
  • Bikeskills clinics and events are not cancelled in case of rain.
  • An event may be rescheduled if the site is closed.
  • Bikeskills is not responsible for the shutdown or closure of a lift or gondola. An alternative will be offered to the client, which may require pedalling towards a trail.
  • Knee protectors mandatory
  • Long gloves and elbow protection recommended
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Sportswear adapted to the weather conditions
  • Flat-soled shoes (Vans type) or mountain bike shoes
  • Flat pedals with metal cleats or automatic pedals (clip on) for mountain bikes
  • Hydration (bike bottle) and nutrition (bars)
To protect yourself from minor scrapes and injuries, Bikeskills recommends that you ALWAYS wear knee protection. Gloves, eyewear / goggles and elbow protection are also recommended, but not mandatory. Of course, a helmet is always essential, ideally a mountain bike specific helmet. A full-face helmet and chest protector for advanced and/or lift courses is also recommended, but not mandatory.

As the class will be held outdoors and we might not have access to indoor facilities, it is recommended that you check the mountain weather forecast and plan accordingly, as weather can change rapidly. It is recommended that each member of the group bring snacks and water to ensure they have enough energy to enjoy the class.

As we want to prepare you in advance for a great experience, here are some notes on safe mountain biking

  • Communicate your apprehensions, previous injuries and physical limitations to your coach.
  • Do not exceed your physical and technical limits.
  • All difficulties and modules are optional at all times. We can always reduce the physical and technical demands of the lesson.
  • Depending on the objective of the course, challenges will be incorporated, from the simple to the complex.
  • Before embarking on a technical section, participants must demonstrate a minimum level of mastery on flat terrain or on trails of lesser technical difficulty.
  • For a technical challenge, we stop, analyze, walk the section and then engage… or not!


Clinic schedule on weekends

9:30 Welcome – Introduction – Bike and equipment check
9:45 Learning technical skills
10:30 Technical skills practice and guided ride
12:00 End of the clinic

Clinic schedule on weekdays

18:00 Welcome – Introduction – Bike and equipment check
18:15 Learning technical skills
19:00 Technical skills practice and guided ride
19:45 End of the clinic

Your satisfaction is our priority

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